Scarification of Strelitzia Species

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In short, it is a method of breaking down the epidermis (outer seed coat) for more rapid germination. We use a proprietary mechanical process. This can also be combined with chemicals scarification to further increase germination.


Over the years there have been many studies to improve germination results. Currently, the most recognized method is to soak the seed in Ethrel or Florel. There are various sources which claim significant improvement in germination by utilizing a primitive scarification processes. There are also claims that the orange tuft is a growth inhibitor and by removing it prior to planting, germination and growth is recommendations on strengths and soaking times available. More recently there have been articles improved. We decided to investigate the use of scarification in conjunction with the above two processes.

Benefits to the Customer:

  • Significantly reduced overall growing costs by bringing liners to market sooner
  • Utilizing Mistletoe Carter’s Strelitzia scarification process which more than doubles early germination and improves growth uniformity.
  • Seed cost per plant is also reduced with a greater than 10% increase in germination over a 90-day period.

Test Procedure:

We performed controlled experiments which included a wide range of scarification methods and used a certified testing lab to run 90 day germination tests to obtain our results. We were looking for a process that improved germination but was also repeatable and yielded consistent results.

Test Results:

The studies showed that with proper scarification, in conjunction with soaking in Ethrel or Florel, all phases of germination were improved especially early germination. However, some primitive scarification processes like hand scarification actually reduced germination.

The selected scarification process (with Ethrel or Forel soaking) had over 250% improvement in early germination (30-60 days). Seedlings grew more uniformly and there was a 12% increase in overall germination over a 90 day period.

We verified our test results with actual customer growing tests. Our customer all agreed that the scarified Strelitzia seed germinated much earlier, grew more uniformly, and had better overall germination.


Based on the test results, we recommend that our Customers utilize scarified seed, soak the seed in Ethrel or Florel, and remove the orange tufts just before planting.

We have found scarification to be so effective, particularly with Sterlizia nicolai, we prefer only to sell it with scarification.

Next time you order, be sure to ask about scarification![/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]