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LMCS Seeds is result of the integration of 4 seed companies (Lawyer Seeds, Mistletoe Sales, Carter Seeds, and Quality Select Seeds). With this vast amount of Nursery Seed knowledge, over 200 years of industry experience experience, our unique climate, and our quality control from collection to distribution, we at LMCS Seeds have been pleased to consistently provide the highest quality and best value seeds to the nursery industry. Over the years, we have increased production, streamlined processes, and added new technologies to further improve quality and year-round seed availability.

Located in California, LMCS Seeds take full advantage of the extraordinary climate and diverse species around us. We can collect seeds from established and reliable locations ranging from the arid southern border to the dense forests of Northern California. Additionally, our ideal coastal climate and our 60 plus acres of frost-free growing land, provide the perfect combination to produce superior seed. This results in our ability to provide a diverse and comprehensive product line with utmost consistency from year to year.

To meet the demands of our customer base, LMCS Seeds has also developed a reputable, worldwide network of seed suppliers and growers. We use our same stringent quality control standards and processes when obtaining seed from our suppliers and growers. This allows us to offer viable varieties to our customers at economical prices that were traditionally unavailable or too expensive.

After the seed has been acquired, Mistletoe Carter Seeds use our extensive knowledge of cleaning and storage to produce and maintain the highest germination possible. We retain state of the art cleaning, processing, and counting machines to efficiently produce pure, viable seed. After the seeds are refined, almost all our seeds are dried and sealed in foil bags with inert gases and then stored in temperature/humidity-controlled environments. Germination testing is done prior to storage by an independent germination laboratory and then periodically tested for the duration of the life of the product. These processes allow us to consistently provide our clients a high-quality product throughout the year.

Mistletoe Carter Seeds Sorting

LMCS Seeds strive to satisfy our customers every time. As we guarantee our products, we utilize sophisticated lot control software which allows us to track germination records, vendors, and GPS locations of our entire inventory. Our software also identifies what lots are sold to each customer. If a problem arises, we can quickly determine the cause and make the necessary changes to remedy the situation in a timely fashion. The lessons learned from this corrective action process, enable us to supply the best product available on a consistent basis.

LMCS Seeds has always been a family-based business and that tradition continues today. We strive to build on what we have learned over many years to best support our wonderful industry. We plan to provide seed at an affordable price, with outstanding quality and provide availability throughout the year.


Our Valuable Team Members


Harold & Cheryl Schaff

Harold grew up in North Dakota on a farm/ranch. He graduated in engineering in 1972 and worked as a plant engineer and industrial engineer until 1976. He then went back to graduate school and got a MS in Agriculture Economics and an MBA. In 1978, he moved to Santa Barbara, California and devoted 25 years in the General Motors Defense business. In his spare time, he grew and supplied seeds for his brother, Victor Schaff who owned S&S Seeds. In 1989, Harold with his wife Cheryl acquired Mistletoe Sales, from his brother Victor, located in Santa Barbara, California. Cheryl and Harold moved the business to its current location in Goleta, California and grew the business ever since. In 1999, they acquired Carter Seeds in Vista, California and merged the two companies into Mistletoe Carter Seeds(MCS). In 2002, Harold retired from GM and took over the day-to-day management from Cheryl of MCS. In 2014, his son Blake joined the company and became the COO in 2018. In 2019, Blake, with the assistance of Harold got the opportunity to acquire Lawyer Seeds in Montana and add a vast number of Northern Trees and Shrubs to our offerings. Lawyer Seeds was integrated with MCS and rebranded LMC Seeds. Again in 2022, LMC Seeds was provided the opportunity to acquire Quality Select Seeds. They integrated the company into LMC Seeds and rebranded the company as LMCS Seeds. Harold is currently providing ongoing company oversight/planning with his son Blake.

Blake Schaff
Vice President

Blake grew up working at LMCS part time during the school year and full time during the summers. He began working full time in 2014 after studying Botany at Humboldt State University. His love of plants and growing brought him back to the business. He transitioned to the overall management of MCS. He became COO and part owner of the company in 2018. He ran the company until 2022 when he changed focus and started up a company in a non-related industry. Blake and Harold hired Arlo Claveria as overall Manager in 2022 to take over the day-to-day operations. Blake is currently providing ongoing company oversight/planning with his father Harold.

Arlo Claveria
Operations Manager

Arlo’s background is in Operations Management. He was Operations Manager for Santa Anna Packaging from 2013 to 2015. In 2015, Arlo joined Santa Barbara Vapor, a vapor retail operation, as Manager. Arlo then joined LMCS Seeds in 2017. Under our long time Seedsman, Steve Koop, he worked as a Seedsman understudy. He then became Manager of Production which oversaw collections and Warehouse operations. In 2019, Arlo also took over overall management of our Purchasing, Collections, and Growing. In 2022, Arlo was promoted to LMCS Operations Manager and oversees all operations of the company with guidance from Harold and Blake Schaff (owners).

Cindy Vercota
Office Manager

Cindy came from a 24-year career in General Motors as a high-level administrator. She has worked for LMCS since 2004. She has always had an interest in plants and is known for her excellent customer service. Cindy leads our sales department and our shipping/receiving functions. She is the voice on the phone when placing orders and answering questions and the mainstay of the company.

Marlee Dizon
Purchasing/Sales Support

Marlee has 10 years background is in the medical field. Marlee started working for Lobo Solutions in 2010. In 2015, Marlee moved on to software development at Acrendo. In 2019, Marlee joined LMCS as an Administrator doing Purchase and Sales Support. She now oversees our Purchasing.

David Silva

David Silva’s background, before joining LMCS, was in Landscape Management. David joined LMCS in 2013. He initially did seed collecting and cleaning as an understudy of Steve Koop (who has 40 years of Seedsman experience with our company) until Steve’s retirement in 2020. He now is the main Collector of Seeds at LMCS.

Luis Valdez

Luis Valdez’s background, before joining LMCS, was in Landscape Management. Luis joined LMCS in 2021. He is currently doing seed collecting and cleaning.

Jaime Gutierriz
Growing Manager

Jaime Gutierrez started working at LMCS right out of high school in 1989. He initially worked as a Seedsman under Steve Koop. He went to college during the evenings and got his AA degree in Landscape Management from Santa Barbara City College. He was then promoted to our Growing Manager responsible for the Growing of our plants for seed. He currently oversees 55 acres of production at our growing fields here in Goleta.

Steve Koop
Seedman Consultant

Steve began work for LMCS part time during high school, for the original owners. After graduating in 1971, he has been working full time for the company ever since. He has over 40 years of industry experience and an immense knowledge of  collecting and processing seed. Steve retired in 2021 and now provides consulting services to LMCS’s Seedsmen.

Lynn Stewart

Lynn came to work with us in 2006. Her academic career began at the University of CA, Santa Barbara where she played tennis and earned a B.A. in Social Sciences with an emphasis in History and Psychology. After being a tennis instructor for a few years, Lynn took up accounting, taking classes at the local Junior College, and taking H & R Block income tax classes. Lynn worked for a local accounting and tax firm until, she then opened her own accounting service. Happily, Lynn found her way to LMCS Seeds in 2006. Lynn not only keeps our books but has helped LMCS implement a very intricate accounting system where we can accurately calculate Overhead rates by class. This helps us immensely in pricing our products correctly.

Roger Brostowicz
Consultant/Sales Representative

Roger Brostowicz owned and operated Quality Select Seeds, a long-time seed company in Texas. He sold the company to LMCS Seeds in 2022 and has joined LMCS Seeds as a salesman and consultant. He will focus on Specific Customers that have been long term Quality Select Seed customers and ensure that they receive the best service the LMCS Seeds can provide. Roger will also be a consultant to LMCS Seeds to ensure a smooth transition of the business into LMCS Seeds. He will work with our purchasing to help LMCS Seeds procure the Quality Select Seeds unique items that LMCS did not carry before the acquisition of Quality Select Seeds.