Yes! We are happy to ship internationally. The customer is responsible for meeting all regulations for a foreign shipment and the selection of the carrier. Upon request, LMCS Seeds will supply a Phytosanitary Certificate ($110.00) or Certificate of origin ($50.00).
On most seeds we guarantee a  minimum 70% germination by a certified germination laboratory. Certain species, however, have naturally lower germination and will have a different germination rate.

Seeds sold by the M (1000 seeds)

We have seed counts for each individual lot sold by the M (1000 seed). We use sophisticated counting machines and a statistical process co developed with the University of California, Santa Barbara which provides mean and standard deviations calculation for 1000 seeds. LMCS counts 10 samples of seed (100 to 1000 seeds/sample depending on sample size) and determines the mean and standard deviation. LMCS Seeds sales are final based on LMCS’s Seed’s seed count for all seeds sold by the 1000 seed count.

Seeds sold by the Lb. or Oz.

Estimated number of seeds per Oz sold is shown in the catalog and on our website. LMCS Seeds does not guarantee the seed count per ounce and these counts should be used as a guideline only. LMCS usually determine a Mean and Standard Deviation one time for a typical batch and publish that seed count for an Oz. of seed.

Trade packets (TP) are based on germination and purity. A TP contains 1000 seeds that will germinate as tested by a certified germination laboratory.
Yes,. Upon request, all domestic packages shipped Federal Express can be insured for the value of the seed. Foreign shipments can be insured upon request as well. The cost of insurance will be paid by the Customer upon invoicing.
You may place an order or inquiry by phone, fax, email, mail and website as listed in our contact information.
All seeds are subject to availability of crop. If possible, please order in advance. This improves our ability to plan for your needs. All orders are filled on a first order basis. Backordered items will remain on order for one year.
Yes, a minimum order of $200.00 U.S is required on any one order. A $50.00 fee will be charged for all orders under $200.00 U.S.
We accept Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), Company & Personal Checks, Cashier's Checks, Money orders and Bank Wires. Any cost to execute Cashier Checks, Money Orders and Bank Wires are at the expense of the customer.
We offer net 30-Day Terms to some Customers upon approval. If you would like to apply 30-Day Payment Terms, please request a Credit Application.
Parcels will be sent via Federal Express for domestic orders and Express Mail Service for foreign orders unless otherwise advised by the customer. We will also ship via other carriers if the Customer requests. 

Mistetoe — Carter Wholesale Seeds

Buyers must provide appropriate sales tax certificates. Terms are available to approved buyers who apply for credit.