Acquisition of Quality Select Seeds

Dear Valued Customers,
LMC Seeds (Lawyer Seeds, Mistletoe Sales, Carter Seeds) is excited to announce the acquisition of Quality Select Seeds. Quality Select Seeds has had a long history in our industry, and we are excited to get to service
Quality Select Seeds Customers and our existing customers with our own products as well as Quality Select Seeds unique products. LMC feels this is a wonderful addition to our company that will diversify our  offerings and allow us to better serve the nursery and plant industries. We will rebrand our combined companies as Lawyer, Mistletoe, Carter, Quality Select Seeds (LMCS Seeds).

We are currently working on an expedient transition of Quality Select Seeds into LMC and will begin taking orders for unique Quality Select Seeds Products and our existing LMC Products on December 1, 2022. We
will be sending out a combined price list via email shortly. Feel free to contact us in the meantime for any questions, quotes, and/or orders.

By December 1, we will have the Quality Select Seeds phone number (956-464-2357) and email at our facility in Goleta, California. You can continue to contact us at Quality Select Seeds phone number/email, or you can also contact us at LMC’s phone number (805-968-4818) and email

We are looking forward to the remainder of 2022 and the upcoming 2023 year.

-The LMCS Staff