To my Customers and Friends – Letter from Roger Brostowicz

My father was a Salesman. As he retired, he saw my business growing and said: “Your best friends are your customers. In the end, they do you more good than you think…” I chose to follow that logic.

Moving to Seguin, Texas was good. Unfortunately, not opportune for my seed business. This March, I will be 70 years old.

I have great respect and long friendship with Mistletoe-Carter Seeds. That is why I chose to offer my company first and foremost to Harold Schaff of Mistletoe-Carter Seeds. Mistletoe-Carter has much professional experience in the seeds we have distributed. I believe with our two companies combined, more selection and service will bloom.

I will work closely with the key players in Mistletoe-Carter Seeds. I will attend TPIE Trade Show with Harold and company this January. I personally believe this union will benefit customers of Quality Select Seeds as well as Mistletoe-Carter Seeds. More selection and new ideas from California, Texas, Mexico, and Florida.
Back to You – my Customers of many years.

I will be working with Mistletoe-Carter in seed collection and in the transition: Sale/Service. Until December 1, 2022, you can buy from Quality Select Seeds. After December 1, Lawyer -Mistletoe-Carter Seed Company will add our name to their roster and call it Lawyer-Mistletoe-Carter-Select Seeds (LMCS Seeds).

Thank you all for your patronage.
I hope I can visit many of you in this new year as a representative of Mistletoe-Carter Lawyer Seeds.

At your service,